Biography of Zhuang Hong-yi

“My art is about happiness, enrichment, and re-enchantment; I want people to feel joy by reconnecting them with the calmness of nature, which is why the flower is so dominant in my paintings. Everywhere around the world, flowers represent peace, happiness, and prosperity. We might not all speak the same language, but we can all read flowers…."
Born in 1962 in the province of Sichuan, Zhuang Hong-yi is regarded as one of China's most influential artists. It is the combination of his Chinese background and his European influences that marks the uniqueness of Zhuang’s work. Embracing his present without losing his past, Zhuang defines a sense of self that exists between the two and enacts this personal story visually, balancing between phases of controlled planning, emotional gesture, and careful editing that result in works of beauty, surprise, and curiosity. Zhuang's work is distinguished by its bold color schemes and sophisticated, reoccurring, and precise floral motifs that symbolize a universal symbol of prosperity and optimism. Zhuang’s consistent return to this theme throughout his work showcases his ongoing refinement and experimentation, oscillating between raw emotion and carefully orchestrated artistry.
Over the past several decades, Zhuang has achieved international acclaim. His sculptural paintings have been showcased across the globe in over a hundred different exhibitions, including esteemed solo exhibitions at the Found Museum in Beijing, China, the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, the Ulm Museum in Germany, the Erarta Museum in Russia, and the 55th Venice Biennale in Italy in 2013. Zhuang received his initial education at the Sichuan College of Fine Arts in China before moving to the Netherlands in 1992, where he pursued further studies at the Minerva Academy in Groningen, before establishing his artistic career in the decades that followed. The profound inspiration drawn from nature's efflorescence can be traced back to the moment Zhuang first saw the renowned tulip fields nestled within the picturesque Dutch landscapes; this inspiration continues to serve as the cornerstone of Zhuang's artistic creations. As of today, he splits his time between his studio in China and his residence in Switzerland.